Sean Watters Born and raised in Northwest Washington. I spent the last 6 years in Phoenix/Tempe, AZ. Happily back in Seattle, WA — finishing up a software engineering bootcamp with Flatiron School.

I grew up in Bellingham, WA with my younger brother Caleb, parents — Cameron and Betsy — and our frist dog named Sam.

Since I was young, my personal disposition has always been geared more toward art and design. Given that of my parents, one was a photographer, interior designer and the other a software engineer, this made good sense.

The first projects I worked on were watercolor paintings in elementary school. Since, I have second-shot for professional photographers, worked with interior designers, designed and built custom furiniture out of my garage, learned to play gutair, piano and drums, and worked with a ton of other super smart people.

Building useful, beautiful tools for developers and the world is what I'm most passionate about. I care deeply about building things with a strong focus on what will be sustainable, ethical and what will genuinely help people. People are who we design technology for.