sean watters — software engineer


profile Born and raised in the Greater Seattle Area. Studied Computer Science at Arizona State University. Currently writing software at Nikola Motor Company in Phoenix, AZ.

At Nikola I am currently writing front-end software using modern JavaScript frameworks. I have developed proficiency in VueJS, React.js and Svelte during (and prior to) my time at Nikola. I care deeply about building and developing reliable, performant, web applications that create real value for users.

Familiarity with contemporary software delivery processes has given me the ability to grow and lead my team to continuously deliver reliable software, on time with confidence; This has resulted in increased team velocity, appropriate test coverage and the flexibility to adapt quickly in production.

I value opportunities to reason about loosely defined technical challenges and solutions. I have demonstrated a high capacity for navigating ambiguous problems and positively impacting business outcomes through innovation, effective organization, and overall execution of key projects. I value self sufficiency and time for independent problem solving, however, also enjoy team efforts and opportunities to collaborate within groups.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife and our dog-child, Sam. I very much enjoy some good coffee, water sports, hiking, and the outdoors. In high school and college I played rugby competively, and have an Olympic Weightlifting coach certification.